Gemini: Both Sides

by Sandra St. Victor

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ramled99 I admit that I am so into SSVs voice that it took me a while to listen into her lyrics. I tend to listen to her melody, vocals, range, riffs, tone first. Like listening to a musical instrument. Shes that good of a vocalist. I guess I matured and started living life myself. Lol. This album is the one that, for me, legitimized SSV as a truly complete artist and earthling for me. And the fact that she put it out independently? Another masterpiece. Favorite track: They're Cool.
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I was slippin' into darkness, when they took my friend away I was slippin' into darkness, when they took my friend away You know, he loved to drink his whiskey, while laughing at the moon
Slippin' into darkness, slippin' into darkness Ive got a story to tell, see the sunlight fade, hear the sound of the bell,It's no one's problem but it's everyone's fate, we're slippin' into darkness,it's destiny date I wanna think like Betty, I wanna give like Di, remember Pac And Biggie The needless end of needed lives, who what when, I feel like l'm Slipping Into darkness, take my mind beyond the Chi Slipping Into darkness, all these troubles haunting me. See we've been slippin' into darkness Wo OH OH OH! Pretty soon we're gonna pay YEAH! Slipping Into darkness Listen baby listen, and listen well, the road that we're travelling is the highway to Hell. So many contradictions, hypocrisies and lies, scared to know the truth, heaven or hell is inside Slippin' into darkness, slippin' into darkness
First verse begins on a Tuesday A day I won't forget that was the day we met, west fourth and sixth You said Can I get to know your inner child but after a little while I found uh, that was as deep as you could get Second verse begins on a Thursday the second of January, that's when I really started to worry You came in late that evening, Smelling of cheap perfume and weed Your ex's brand I do believe Guess it's delusion that you need If you loved yourself more, you would've been with me You wouldn't be trying to run from us, it's such a shame Cause loved you more, even more than you loved yourself And I wanted more, wanted more for the two of us And I loved you more, even more than you loved yourself And I wanted more, yes I wanted more Third verse begins on a Sunday, I told you ish' or get off the pot you are your own worst stumbling block, your psychoanalystI am not l only hope that one day, you'll dust off that corner shelf where you hide truth from yourself where love's the're the cell
Eight twenty five, reluctantly he goes to school Now he's a good kid, but today he won't play the fool Tried to fit in, the last time he tried to be cool Whispered words, no one heard but scuffling, cussing then now the news Lost little sheep come back home, Reverend Bo Peep is on the phone The newscast live at one, the child's gotta gun Little bro' tripped, sticks and stones, hurt less than the words cut to the bone The newscast live at one, the child's gotta gun Eleven o five, showdown takes place by the gym No one's got his back, except for his brother Rakim It's seven 'gainst two, fourteen fists a brick and a knive The two run where behind the stairs, homie and baby bro' had hid a tool Quarter to twelve, the lunch room is stunned by a blast Policemen rush in with guns drawn and no questions asked Little bro's in the corner standing in shock, dazed and confused then cold as ice, they don't think twice they shake him down shove him 'round same old news
Oh sweet love it's true, think about you now and then, morning night And noon, and over and over again of how you kept me warm thru the Winter storm but baby, the day you left I knew, til ya til ya come back to me Feels like winter, it'll be winter, winter in my heart, til ya til yaw come back to me Feels like winter, winter in my heart til ya til ya come back to me Feels like winter, winter in my heart. June, July, it came, thru the bitter cold you know, sunshine felt like rain without you to hold no one understood, I guess they never could but baby the day you left I knew 'til yaw til yaw comes back to me I thought about 'cha, thought about cha baby, past the point of missing It's more than just driving me crazy, I need your kissing The only thing that keeps me warm Keeps me holding on but baby, the day you left I knew Ah ah when ya when ya come back to me The Sun will come shining thru your eyes baby Ah ah when ya when ya come back to me Oh you're the joy that keeps me alive.
Dizzy 05:41
Everyone within my yoice listen up don't hesitate We have got to make the choice to love, it's getting way to late First choose to love yourself, let the rest come naturally Cause when you truly love yourself, you'll realize we're one you see Oh oh oh oh...can't you see? Hear me calling out to you Yes we need more willing fools Cause I can't help being confused by all the suffering I see around me I'm feeling kinda dizzy What have we to fear, we see the same thing year to year The moon will rise, the sun wil set, what you give you get Be free, like a flower blossoming Be, all your power lies within Do I give my love in vain? Why are pure hearts in such pain? Do I give my love too freelyy? And when I give, willing give too easy? I'm dizzy, dizzy I'm dizzy, feeling kinda dizzy Makes me so dizzy, so dizzy Somebody tell me what's goin' on round here What's the meaning of life, what's it all about Hey tell me, ooh I'm so dizzy why it makes me so so SO Who am, what am , why am I What am I supposed to do? What am I doing here? Yeah just bare with me y'all now.
Move Me 04:14
Now let's go back to the conversation that we had about a year ago today It's a dangerous thing to give someone, expectations On empty promises that you make, so I'm saying, Move me, move me, show me damn what a man can do Move me, move me, mend this heart that's been broke in two Move me move me, baby stand like you understand what you're here to do What you're here to do No I couldn't get mad if I believed you were tryin Ain't no crime in being weak, weak, you're weak But insincerity from a two-faced man On this injustice I gotta do more than speak EXCUses, well you meant to, but you couldn't cause, Your baby momma's rent due, your stomach hurts ah The wind blew your homework away, it's cold outside, you wanted to stay u what, what, mothafucka what, what, mothafucka goddamn wnat what, what, mothafuckawhat, what, what
Tell me lies just to make me stay, Tell me why can't I walk away Im missing you going on day three Im guessing who's on your bone keep playin' me You're playing on my emotions, when two are playin' it can be more fun FH let you have your way with me this time I'm getting strong erveryday and I don't mind don't mind finding Trojans in the sheets don't mind but baby please be more discreet don't mind just save a little love for me don't mind no no, I don't mind I don't mind You just pull my string, like a doll I do anything You say you're mine but your body's free, Y ou're wasting time, (whassup huh) keep playin' me Let me make you something to drink Let me give you something to think about when you're gone, am I all alone? didn't mind all the tears that fell like rain didn't mind when he said he'd ease the pain didn't mind "cause when you'd walk out the door I'd meet this man at the corner grocery store (so don't mind) and this man he makes me feel (so don't mind) mighty real No more lonely nights and days, cause playin' goes both ways Tell me lies baby it's ok, you decide maybe two can play If i's good for me if it's good for you, you got your thang, I got mine too You just pull my string, like a doll I do anything You say you're mine but your body's free You're wasting time, whassup huh, keep playin' me Keep on playin' yeah, keep on just playin Play me play me play me I'll (like an old love song) Play you play you play you (it won't be wrong) Make sure your choice is a wise one, ain't no thang I can hang Im gonna have my fun
They're Cool 04:29
We were so inseparable who'd 've guessed? He was Porgy, I was Bess. We were teenage dreamers with grown up goals, With his caramel coated voice he'd feed our souls, But that night his voice wasn't heard as he bled on the curb, and (snap) he's gone On so long, he's gone, go on, hold on Cry a while, try to smile, whatever you do Just know he's cool My daddy told him take care of me. He did his best though l'm kinda crazy. He'd play the music, and I would sing and he could play He could really really play anything, and he had No fear of danger he gave his life up for a stranger and (snap) he's gone On so long, he's gone, go on, hold on Cry a while, try to smile, live your life Cause he's alright We might not understand but the man has a plan For whatever it's worth all the pains' here on earth
In A Zone 04:43
Tender as a baby lamb, I surrender everything l am You inspire me to keep on flowing on like a river, I'm in a zone I'm in a zone you make me high, Im in a zone I wonder why, my Feelings won't just won't subside Im, in a zone, I'm so alive The sun shining down on me, sent me a blessing in you I feel you constantly No one's ever given me love so sweet and unconditional like Diana and Billy Dee We're zonin', closer 'n closer growin (Zonin), people say we're glowin (Zonin) When I speak you've read my mind before (Zonin), the puzzle comes together (Zonin) the bond is strong as leather Might as well be tight as hell is burnin' forever
Holding Out 04:15
See that little girl hangin' by the window Lonely, incomplete, that's how it feels to love frivolously I take a walk around the way I see his glance, under different circumstance I might say hey But this time, I'm goin' bout my way Patiently l'm still holding out until Won't waste time on the wrong ones There's a right one for everyone, for real It's gonna be sweet and so deep forever we infinitely That's what I'm about holding out, holding out for my baby Living here on my own gets hard being alone But an easy score or revolving door, that's not what I want thought about hanging with you for a while But you got so many girls that's just not my style So gonna and be free, that's just not me it's not me, hey
If I acted on the way I been feelin' would the silver turn to gold? Would a harvest from my heart find it's season for my karma sutra soul? Does the true light of love come in flashes? Make it come down like molasses rain I'm not jumping in a wave that just passes Why can't love be like molasses rain? yeah ooh ooh Isn't jumping off a bridge free falling, does it have to be a blur? Busy trippin' trippin' missin' what I'm missin' the epiphany occurs Take the slow train to my destination, watch the scenery along the way Every sign you need is at each local station, take your time when you touch me There's a reason why we keep chasing morning, trying to mend our hearts in vain That we'd ever catch the moral to the story, I think that love is chasing pain
And here again I find myself wondering if I could see your face Or feel your arms right now Ya see I know you're there, I'm well aware yes I know you care but I, I need to hear your voice wanna have a conversation with ya "G' I wanna hear you talk back to me I wanna have a conversation with ya G I wanna hear you talk back to me We don't even know your name Is it Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, Jehovah or Christ? is it true that they're all the same, nobody's wrong, nobody's right? And if there's nothing new underneath the sun after all this time Then why, why can't we live as one?? Cause you are my All and All Thru winter spring summer and fall You always send me an answer whenever I call when I needed a friend You said just open up your heart and (call me) Never to late to start,(callme) I never want to be apart from You (call me) I need to call on You, come talk to me
One love one light, one touch all night And if I never took the time to say, I'm enraptured by you This bliss each time we kiss I'ma dove and you're the cage, I've been captured by you All inhibitions out the door, every position wall and floor Give me your all and give me more l'm all yours We can show the world what true love could be Slave to love but together we're free Our days indescribably sweet All night with you An act of beauty Come on inside boy, I wanna ride like a rocket straight to Venus, this love between us ooh I feel it grow, ooh I feel the flow Baby bath me in your love, it's so delicious
I wonder what, (what) do I harbor inside Is there anger, fear, does the fear become pride? While I'm looking you over, looked over you, the real prize Like a cloud full of rain, will it start to cry? Are ya l hurt and stained? There was a stone in my eye I was missing, now there's nothing, nothing left but pure sky Out of darkness out of loneliness l awaken and take in what's obvious shining brightly with forgiving Light Was there love, was there love in my sight Could two people share, or was I blind? And I pray now, let me blinded, blinded by light Lift the fog take the haze, reveal my imagination faze Restore my determination yeah, to see clearly your face And another year rushes by Gotta be near to the end of time (as we know it) Never more assure of what you are to m You were always who I never thought you could be Oh what a surprise what a surprise And l'm here for ya, give your light


About Gemini: Both Sides Thanks to the love, never-ending support and energy of so many beautiful people in my life.I extend my heart's deepest gratitude to you. l'm overjoyed with the release of this collection of thoughts and feelings, representing various colors on the palette of my musical soul! In my experience as a major label artist, I invariably came upon the same dilemma, pigeonholing or categorizing. So many dedicated artists are forced to 'decide' which market they should appeal to, narrowing the breadth of artistic possibilities.With Gemini: Both Sides, I've been free to explore at least two of my Gemini musings. (There are quite a few other girls hangin' out in there, with much more to say! Ask my ex-boyfriend.More on that another time!) On the first eight songs presented, voice is given to what I see, on the OUTside, revealing turmoil with surface based realities.The remaining eight cuts, the INside, bring to light the peace within. Optimistic acceptance that everything is everything, that we see things not as they are, but as we are. The entire piece is really about freedom. Freedom to think, feel, say, be and love who we are musically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. So hey Enjoy yourself, love yourself, be yourself! SANDRA


released May 28, 2021

Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals, unless otherwise noted – Sandra St. Victor
Producers – Peter Lord, V. Jeffrey Smith, Mark Batson, Ty Macklin, Mixzo

Mastering: James P. Nichols, Commercial Free Jazz
Re-Mastered by Hugh & Masterpiece Media,London,UK
Compiled by: V. Jeffrey Smith
UK Album Co-ordination: Ralph Tee
Photography: Ruven Afanador, Eric Johnson
Make-up: Nzingha
Hair: Edris
Stylist: Michaela Davis
Tailor: Johnny Lewter
UK sleeve design: Roger Williams Expansion
US sleeve design: Mem Nahadr
Special thanks: to Maanami Matthews
2021 Maanami Music


all rights reserved



Sandra St. Victor Amsterdam, Netherlands

With powerhouse pipes & prowess, Sandra St. Victor has been a force in the music industry for over 3 decades. As a founding member of The Family Stand, releasing 3 albums, 3 solo albums, 2 EPs, various bonus tracks & features, her singular blend of of soul-shaking funk, rock & jazz has garnered a solid raucous fan base. Look out for her next project, “Beautifully Dark”, with producer Mark Batson. ... more

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